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The year 2022 is the first year that the scale of lidar will be launched. It will be a year of challenges and opportunities for the upstream and downstream manufacturers of lidar, as well as a year...
Shenzhen Laerte Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in providing chip packaging and OEM services for manufacturers of laser radar sensors. There are 905nm chips and APD chips availab...
After the discovery of laser by American scholar Maiman in 1960, it was quickly applied to the field of ranging, mainly with the wavelength of 905nm and 1550nm. The lidar is a radar system that det...
What is multimode fiber?English name of multimode fiber: multimode fibersDefinition: An optical fiber with more than one guided wave mode in each polarization direction.Multimode fiber refers to th...
Lidar will become the standard configuration of sweeping robotPublished at 14:18 on September 28, 2022Entrepreneurship is a long way to go."After solving the mass production problem, do you feel re...
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 ShenzhenLeierte Optoelectronic Technology Co., LTD is a scientific and technological
production enterprise which focusing on semiconductor’s packaging production, R&D
and sales of EEL, VCSEL, APD and other optoelectronic devices and modules. Our.AI and other fields. The company now has a complete semiconductor automation.products are widely used in laser ranging, Lidar, laser sensing, laser medical,we have established long-term stable cooperation with many customers bothproduction line/ inspection/testing equipment, and products strictly follow theRoHs,ISO9001,CE, AEC-Q102and other industry standards’ execution production,domestic and overseas.
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